Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rhododendron's in Dunedin's Botanical Garden

They grow Rhododendron very big here.  An 8 cluster flower is not uncommon. These pics were taken across the street from us in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. This is the 100 year anniversary of Dunedin's Rhododendron Dell. Rhododendron's have a long history here and because of the PH levels, volcanic soils, moderate temperatures and good annual rainfall they grow with great vigor, not just in the garden but everywhere. 

They come in many colors, sizes & shapes but they are all in the Rhododendron Family. 
They bloom for about a month but different varieties bloom at different times.

Camellias and a walk through the park on a misty day, which is quite common here.

Blooming trees and soo! many blossoms.

This is a name on a plaque of a large bush that we found of interest.

This is Knox College (a college at Otago University is a Dormitory) and there are 250 students housed here. Only a few blocks from our flat.

This is the Clock Tower at Otago University and it is an administration building.

This tree is next to the Clock Tower and many other trees are in bloom here as it is now Spring.

The Garden in early Spring.

A view from the Gardens to the west.

We took a drive out to the Otago Peninsula and the first pic shows Dunedin from high up on the peninsula. The other two pics show the view further down toward the ocean. 

These folks have been our dinner guests for the last several weeks on Sundays.  The young lady is from Kenya but is studying at the Otago University.

Glen and his boys are studying with the Missionaries and we give them rides to church.

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SheilaO said...

You are in flower heaven! Are these flowers in bloom all year? So beautiful! The university buildings look very much like the buildings in Moscow that Brionna attends. Love those old buildings. Thanks for the update.